About Angaza Elimu

At Angaza we deliver personalized and competency based learning experiences to students whilst amplifying teacher student engagement. Through our interactive and adaptive e-learning platform, students receive a personalized and mastery based learning experience.

Personalized Learning

Our main objective at Angaza is to ensure that students master curriculum concepts which in turn translates to improved academic performance.

  • Our tests leverage on a predictive model which tracks students progress while taking an assessment and matches the student with the right questions depending on the students ability and level of mastery.
  • Our interactive and adaptive elearning platform students receive a personalized and mastery based learning experience that challenges them to think critically and creatively.
  • Students can be able to interact with each other academically via a forum.
  • Through our ask a teacher platform.
  • This frees teachers to spend more time giving each student special attention and personalized instruction. Teachers are able to quickly identify students performance trends and take the relevant action to impact students performance.
Angaza Platform

Our Team

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